The Gonzales School of Languages (GSL) opened for business in 1970 with the purpose of helping travelers and business professionals to learn languages in a more practical manner than conventional classroom teaching. Over the last 48 years, Raul Gonzales and his team have established GSL among the premier language schools in Houston.

GSL instructors are native speakers of the languages they teach. They take a balanced approach to their lessons, simplifying the grammar of the language while teaching students to use it in conversational situations. They’re available for lessons in a variety of languages, including the following: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Urdu, French, Arabic and Russian.

Most of our group lessons take place at our office in the Galleria area of west Houston, at San Felipe & Voss Rd. We also go to the locations of our clients throughout the city. We are passionate about the progress of our students. Send us a message on our contact page to let us know how we can help you achieve your language goals. You can also call us at 713 419-1035.

What Sets GSL Apart from Other Language Schools in Houston?

After nearly five decades of teaching languages in Houston, the Gonzales School of Languages stands apart from other language schools in Houston.

Past & Current Clients

Raul Gonzales
Raul GonzalesPresident
After teaching Spanish and math at the high school level in the 60’s, Mr. Gonzales set out to create a school of his own. At the time, being bilingual wasn’t as common or marketable as it is today. Nonetheless, Raul continued to slowly develop his school. He further developed his curriculum and attracted numerous clients, including individuals, small businesses and large corporations. He has established the Gonzales School of Languages as one of Houston’s oldest, most reputable language institutions.

Gonzales School of Languages

To effectively develop the communication skills and of our clients in other languages, equipping them for travel, international business and meaningful interactions with speakers of other languages.
As our students are learning, we study the student, always seeking to better understand what they know and what they need to know. No two students are alike, so our lessons must cater to the individual and flow with the progress of a group. We not only seek to teach a language, but also to teach the student how to learn on his/her own.
We will guide you towards progress, regardless of your level, regardless of what it takes. We will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself so that your time and efforts with us are well spent.